Grieving the Would-Haves After Miscarriage

We would have named you Sarah.
You would have had my nose.
You would have fit right in my arms.
I would have kissed your toes.

I would have been so patient,
When you cried out at night.
I would have read every book,
To make sure I did it right.

You would have been 1 now,
And learning how to walk.
I would have bought bows for your hair.
You would have learned to talk.

You would have met your new brother,
And made him laugh and smile.
You would have felt jealous,
Just for a little while.

You would have started school now.
And I would have been so proud.
We would have played in the park,
And laughed way too loud.

I never will forget you.
You are my very own.
I will always remember,
How much you would have grown.

If you or your partner have had a miscarriage, it is likely that you will grieve your unborn child this Mother’s and Father’s Day. Although 15-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage and 60% of miscarriages are due to chromosome abnormalities, many mothers carry the burden of feeling as though their miscarriage was their fault.  This Mother’s and Father’s Day, it’s ok to remember the would-have’s.

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