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Marriage can be an incredibly fulfilling journey. People get married with high hopes for a life filled with picture perfect joy and unwavering love. Marriage is a wonderful path to personal growth and can be a powerful way to practice selflessness, patience, kindness, and commitment.

Many people find themselves so overwhelmed by the whirlwind of falling in love and getting married, that they later realize that they did not fully prepare themselves for marriage. There are many issues that are more easily worked out before tying the knot, but many couples don’t know what these issues are because they are so head over heels in love.

Other couples find themselves wanting to refresh their marriage a few years or even a few decades into the relationship. A relationship check-up is a great way to give your marriage a tune-up and invest in your future.

The Gottman Relationship Checkup is a scientifically designed, research based, and thoroughly tested evaluation system that gathers information about a couple through 480 questions divided into 5 sections. This checkup is 35 years in the making and was created by world renowned experts in the field of relationships, marriage stability, and  The test provides personalized results indicating a couple’s strengths, challenges, and suggested areas of growth. The evaluation is complete private and HIPAA secure.

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I offer a “Relationship Tune-Up” package that includes the Gottman Relationship Checkup, which can be completed by unmarried couples, newlyweds, or couples who have been married for any number of years.  Each member of the couple will complete the evaluation independently, and we will then arrange a time to review the results by phone.  If the results recommend that certain issues be addressed during therapy, I am happy to provide teletherapy at a low cost and on an as needed basis.

Gottman Approved Member

  • Gottman evaluation for 2 individuals at no cost to you.
  • Written interpretation of results by myself, I am  Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor approved to practice in the state of Maryland.
  • A 45 minute phone session to discuss the results and decide on an action plan.

I offer this “Relationship Tune-Up for $200. If you feel that you would benefit from additional time, I offer 45 minute sessions on a sliding scale that can accommodate most budgets.

Jump start your relationship today. Invest in your marriage and make sure that you achieve the supportive, loving, and mutually beneficial relationship that you deserve.

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