Medical Marijuana vs. Antidepressant Drugs in Depression Treatment

The highly-rated strain of medical marijuana 'Blue Dream' is displayed among others in glass jars at Los Angeles' first-ever cannabis farmer's market at the West Coast Collective medical marijuana dispensary, on the fourth of July, or Independence Day, in Los Angeles, California on July 4, 2014 where organizer's of the 3-day event plan to showcase high quality cannabis from growers and vendors throughout the state. A vendor is seen here responding to questions and offering a whiff of the strain 'Skyjack'.  AFP PHOTO/Frederic J. BROWN        (Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

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Depression is a silent and severe disease that can change person’s life forever. And as antidepressants today are unreliable means that causes addiction and different side effects that can lead to other illnesses, medical weed is getting more popular in depression treatment.

Medical Weed as Depression Treatment

Every year thousands of Americans are diagnosed with depression, and even more are suffering from this ailment alone refusing to see a doctor and get professional help. Those who decided to fight with their depression are usually prescribed antidepressants that are proven to low down the stress level and increase people’s mood. But recently more and more concerns about danger of this medicament are troubling public mind. Drug therapy here remains the main and the most effective treatment for depression, but its cost often stops patients from choosing this path.

Luckily for everyone who is suffering from this illness medical weed has been proven to improve the mental state of people despite the severeness of depression, and this medication is much more affordable, as well as more natural in comparison with synthetic antidepressants.

What is depression?

Depression can be a really severe illness that starts without being noticed both by the one who is ill and surrounding people. Those who suffer from depression usually feel sadness, apathy and helplessness without any objective reason. It is hard for them to concentrate on work and interact with loved ones. Inanity of everything in the world often ends up with suicidal thoughts.

Women over 30 are twice as ‘lucky’ to suffer from depression as men, yet the signs of the illness are different for them – thus, men usually blame others while women feel own guilt for their state. Men are more often depressed because of failing their mission while women – loosing their sense of life.

Since 1988 cases of depression among those who sought medical advice has increased by more than 300%, but the studies show that antidepressants were prescribed almost to everyone who was diagnosed with severe stages of the illness, as they are almost useless for less serious cases of depression.

Cannabis, Depression and Mental Health

Specialists state that medical cannabis works the same way as many popular antidepressants – it influences the endocannabinoid system which increases neurogenesis. This helps to relieve stress and boost mood while demanding no strict daily regimen to follow. Unlike most drugs prescribed to people, medical weed has less side effects accompanying antidepressant drugs such as anxiety, fatigue, trouble sleeping, sexual dysfunction or physical pain.

The key to proper treatment of stress, depression and anxiety is having the accurate dosage and strain. Taking marijuana one will get either an opportunity to forget about the situation that makes them upset, or a chance to look at it objectively and clearly without obtrusive emotions.

The medical weed can be taken just as regularly as antidepressants – today there is a great number of pharmacies and shops offering patches with THC, edibles and drinks infused with medical marijuana. Extended network and new laws make the task to find weed in your area much easier, and with all the variety of products people can choose the most individually suitable and get their treatment without any problem.

Recent studies also indicate that cannabis can be an effective treatment for people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as it helps get rid of learned fear responses. Yet there are those who still find this way less decent and reliable. And while the disputes around medical weed continue, more and more people today relieve their depressive states with the help of cannabis.

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