Music and Recovery- Sour In the Belly


Listen to Dave’s song here.

This was a snapshot of my reflections on recovery from alcoholism.  I drank excessively from age 14 to 24.  It is really difficult to come up with numbers, but a rough estimate is I got totally, over the top, drunk approximately 1,000 times during those 10 years. Trying to cover up all kinds of fears and trauma that I wont relate in a public forum. When I hit my bottom at age 24 I had enough of the lifestyle and the sickness. I joined a 12 step program and it changed my life.

I always wanted to sing and play an instrument during my drinking days but I was too “busy” being hungover or planning my next drinking binge. After 2 years of sobriety I suddenly woke up one morning and said “I am going to learn the guitar”…and that is what I did. It’s cliche but I really “played it till my fingers bled”. Then I started writing songs. Being in early recovery, naturally the songs were cathartic. So here is one of my early tunes off my first album. (A dream come true)…

Funny thing happened with that album.  I started winning songwriting awards and was interviewed by the local press.  I was invited by the Canadian Country music awards to sing in a showcase.  Life is good.  There are struggles but picking up a drink wouldn’t change anything. If it wasn’t for my recovery, my sponsor, and the twelve steps none of this would have happened.  I thank God everyday for his blessings.

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