Our Adoption Story

After about 3 years in foster care we were able to grant the one request of our 15 year old foster daughter when we first got her a year ago. ” Please, don’t make me move again, I just want to be stable” The adoption was beautiful. Her birth family and our family have become one big family. It was wonderful to have her birth mother and siblings there showing their love and support.

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This is our second adoption of an older child in foster care. We now have 9 children all together, yet I can’t imagine our family without the two adopted girls. One came from a childhood so full of trauma that she had a very hard time learning to trust and to be part of a family. The other one keeps her struggles held close inside. Watching them grow, to learn to trust, to gain confidence in themselves, To understand how families work together and how families play together, to watch the sparkle and joy start to come into their eyes and in their life is so wonderful and rewarding. So worth every hard, frustrating day you may experience while they are transitioning into your home and life.

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I have enjoyed fostering children over the last 30+ years, I have enjoyed watching many of them become reunified with their families. I have enjoyed the invaluable blessings these children have brought (and still do bring) into my life and into the lives of my biological children. But when reunification is not possible – there are no words that really describe the joy of adding to your family through Foster Adopt. And it is an added joy when you can bring both bio and adoptive families together! Even when the Foster Adoptee is a teenager!

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