Past, Present & Future


I was an 80’s child mostly raised by my single mother. I was born in Western Sydney, the bad part of town. Where I grew up it was normal to be getting drunk at age 14. The excessive alcohol consumption led to quite a few serious injuries, as did the drug use and abuse. Around age 15 I lost interest in school and almost everything else, except my kombi driving boyfriend. I was a horse rider for many years, we owned our own horses and I competed in dozens of competitions. All that stopped by college, years 11 and 12. By age 16 I had tried an array of amphetamines and hallucinogens. Through my teens I saw friends die, car accident and suicide.

My focus eventually returned to my studies as I decided I wanted to go to University. I graduated High School with a score of 82.1. My University years went on and on, first Science, then Tourism, both incomplete. My parents moved to Tasmania and I had no choice but to go with them, exiled from all friends and familiarity. My life changed, I quit every substance for three years. Then in 2008 at age 18 I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I was hearing voices, suffered what was considered delusions and hallucinations, attempted suicide and episodic psychosis.

My studies recommenced at TAFE, first fitness then Events and Hospitality. I moved from my parents place to Melbourne, the event capital of Australia, to study and work in events. I successfully completed my Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Events, aged 25. I have now worked and volunteered in the events industry, over 10 years in every state of Australia. I have been cleaner to manager of my own events.

In my spare time I have always been writing, my first book took 2 ½ years to write. ‘Life, Love & Everything’ is a collection of over 200 poems and was published in 2013. I always knew I would keep writing, and book 2 was completed in 2014 ‘Symptomatic Addict’. Both books are available from Amazon and Google Play. Books 3 and 4 are now in progress. I also write articles and poetry for Hub Garden online. Through hub garden I have published over 200 articles, recipes, poems and reviews. I am now Chief Editor of four of my own hubs; Poetry, Practical Psychic, Important Sport and Reviews. I have received over 9000 views in less than 12 months. I am currently looking for more work as a writer online.

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