Personal Tips on Meditation

meditation for mental health

I always find a secluded area of solitude for any meditation session I begin. Now in my personal experiences, accompanying my meditation with music has benefited me quite positively, but a certain kind of music is what I use. Perhaps a premade playlist can be used for the sole purpose of meditation. The right lighting in the room or in the outside area is important, too. Work with what you have to tune everything to your liking. Some people also recommend using candles when meditating. Now, find a comfortable place to rest and let’s begin.

Relaxation is a key part of meditating. You can easily achieve relaxation through deep breathing exercises. Ten deep breaths in through the nose and out of the mouth can work quite effectively at calming you. What I like to do is close my eyes, deep slowly, steadily, and consistently. I empty my mind of all thought within it. I’m like a slate that’s been erased, like a page without writing. I like to then imagine some scenery to help place myself somewhere tranquil and peaceful. Perhaps a woodsy setting. Perhaps on a boat in the ocean. Perhaps an extending field overgrown with varying wildflowers. Perhaps a desert land. Perhaps the beach or an island. Anywhere that can put your mind at ease.

Now, I personally use this time I spend meditating to focus on clearing out the excess thought from my overflowing mind. It’s like clearing room for more storage space in a computer. I also use this time to think positively. Some positive thoughts include anything such as “I can be a good person, I know it.” “I can do anything if I make it so.” “Anything is possible, and positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts.” “I must focus on my life’s goals and work towards completing them.”

Meditation is your carriage, your boat, your vessel in which you’ll travel. Meditating is the way to your destination, wherever it may be. Hopefully, my advice can act as a guiding hand and light on your journey to a self-enlightened place inside yourself.

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