Playlist for Recovery

Getting clean and staying sober can be the hardest thing a person does in their life. To succeed, most people need support in many forms. Music can be very helpful during these times.  Below is a list of songs that others have found helpful when they are looking for inspiration and motivation to continue their recovery.


Silverchair- Straight Lines
Natlie Grant- The Real Me
Evanescence- Call Me When You’re Sober
Seether- Rise Above This
Lisa Scinta- Addiction: Michael’s Song
Eminem- Not Afraid
Sixx- Life is Beautiful
Eminem- Cinderella
Natasha Bedingfield- Recover
Linkin Park- Iridescent
Third Eye Blind- Jumper
Linkin Park- Somewhere I Belong
3 Doors Down- Heaven
Pink- Sober
Blue October- Hate Me
Hokus Pick- Let Go Let God
Ashes Remain- On My Own
Creed- Anti Drug Song
Mercy Me- Hold Fast
Incubus- Drive
Evanescence- October
Pieces- Red
Casting Crowns- Set Me Free
James Arthur- Recovery
Ed Sheeran- The A Team
Macklemore- Otherside
Anna Nalick- Breath 2AM
Katy Perry- By the Grace of God
Seether- Fine Again
Metallica- The Unforgiven III
Richie Supa- In the Rooms
Imagine Dragons- Demons
Eminem- No Love
Christina Aguilera- Beautiful
The Grateful Dead- Touch of Gray
Patti Austin- Through the Test of Time
Gloria Gaynor- I will survive
Robbie Williams- Feel
Robbie Robertson- Broken Arrow
U2- Bad
Selah- Press On
Amazing Grace
Rascal Flatts- Movin’ On
Shinedown- Save Me
Aerosmith- Amazing
Joe Walsh- One Day at a Time
Pearl Jam- Life Wasted
Taylor Swift- Wasted
Styx- Just Be
Kenny Chesnye- That’s Why I’m Here
Nick Jonas- Chains

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