Queen of Coping Tools- Mindfulness

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After being diagnosed with anxiety and panic and having it completely take over my life , I was determined to learn everything I could find as possible ways to cope, rewire and rebuild a life I truly believed I deserved to live. Sounds silly but I got into yoga. Not bend like a pretzel yoga or the popular yoga where people feel the need to post themselves in some type of awkward position to prove some point on social media. I started bedtime yoga for beginners. Actually found fantastic videos on YouTube. Not only did it provide me an opportunity to concentrate on controlled breathing (#1 tool for people with anxiety)but it also allowed me to become more aware of my body and my stress areas. Mainly my back and pelvic area. I also do meditation sessions off of apps well more, like hypnosis. You lay down and one again repeat controlled breathing and do imagine activities.

Sometimes it’s picking a color, for your anxiety and pretending,your gathering the anxiety from the parts of your body you feel it in. Then you place it in a hot air balloon and watch it float away. Either way it’s very relaxing. I also have been attempting to get into this knew idea of mindfulness.

Here is what I do: when in a anxiety or panic situation I go back to mental basics. I take a deep breath and focus on what exactly is going on in that moment. Paing attention to little details such as the temperature, the lighting, and what is going on around me. I take one moment at a time and only deal with that moment. For example: if I’m in a store like Wal-Mart (pretty much the worst place for people with anxiety) I have to stop my mind and literally think, “ok I need to get milk, milk is in the back right so first take a cart and then turn left and go down until we need to make a right”. I pretty much mentally take a situation and acknowledge the basics and focus on that moment and not on anything else. I find that it stops my mind from racing,into the chaos cluster of thoughts,that tend to lead to panic.

Now when panic is in full mode and I have an opportunity to find a place to lay down, I make sure to use my control breathing and I either focus on the inhale and exhale or I visualize a flame or a feather moving with the exhale of,my breath.

I hope these techniques can help someone. I have used all these techniques multiple times and some of them daily.  It’s all about slowing down your body and mind so you can regain your control.

Crystal runs a support group for Anxiety and Depression on Facebook, which you may find here.

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