Recovering From PTSD- Mind, Body, and Heart


Rachel provides us with a delightful video detailing how she took control of her PTSD and turned her life around. After careful research, she categorized her interventions into 3 categories: Mind, Body, and Heart. She details how she works on each category every day and mentions great resources along the way.

Rachel VanKoughnet received her Bachelor’s Degree from the State University of New York at Cortland with a major in Sociology. After several internship experiences in the areas of social work, law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office in the Bureau of Domestic Violence, Rachel decided to pursue Law School at the University at Buffalo. Upon graduation, Rachel accepted a job offer in Las Vegas as the Law Clerk to Family Court Judge Elliott. In 2008 Rachel returned to New York and opened up her own private law practice, specializing in Family Law. Rachel got married to Chris Ungaro and returned to work in Las Vegas in 2010 for Family Court Judge Hoskin. In 2012 Rachel’s entire life changed forever when she became a mother and decided to take a break from being a lawyer. That decision paved the way for an astonishing act of courage when she later finally admitted the truth: Rachel is a writer. Follow her on this journey, it is fascinating. Please subscribe to Rachel’s musings by entering your email address at the very bottom of this page.

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