Relaxation Exercise for Panic Attacks

Irena Pusnik
During my worst period of anxiety and panic attacks last year, I did not have any support (I wish I had). Now that everything is over, I am able to think about it and write about it. Since I can not put my whole experiences into words, I made a manual guided because I have a desire to help as many people with same problem as I can. Creativity helps me and I recommend to you to be creative in some way, too.

Here is a video about steps I used to take when things were frightening. I hope it helps. The salvation mantra that I talk about is short sentence about something that I considered stronger than panic, for example: “I know my future is bright”. You can choose words that will work for you. It is something you believe in. Because panic is chaotic and paralyzes our bodies and minds, I wanted to be smarter and stronger than panic so I did my best to learn about it and to know my enemy right so I can beat it.

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