Releasing Anxiety Through Bilateral Auditory Stimulation

releaseBilateral auditory stimulation occurs when tones alternate between the left and right sides of the head in a rhythmic pattern. Bilateral stimulation (auditory, tactile, or visual), is a treatment element of EMDR, which has been proven to reduce anxiety and decrease re-activity from trauma. EMDR can only be practiced by a licensed mental health professional, but bilateral auditory stimulation can be accessed by anyone just by using headphones to listen to BAS music.

The effects of bilateral auditory stimulation are clear:
-relaxation effect including a decrease in psychological arousal
-increase in fluidity of thoughts, meaning you are more able to easily stop thinking about something that is distressing you
-distancing effect- meaning that your problems begin to feel distant and less important
-increase in mental peace by decreasing worry

Below, you will find an example of bilateral auditory stimulation. You must use headphones to get the bilateral effect. Please comment below to let us know how the experience was for you, or better yet, feel free to share your story here!

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