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We are on a mission to build a collection of personal stories that speak to those who are seeking inspiration and answers. We seek stories of recovery, transformation, and freedom. We have all experienced the weight of the cages that others put around us. Around our childhood, our sexual orientation, our emotional suffering, our journey towards wholeness, and our addictions.

But we also all hold the keys.

We have experienced moments of deep realization and personal growth. We have the keys to open the locks, the keys that will result in our freedom and the freedom of our fellow prisoners.

As human beings who are constantly seeking growth, sometimes it furthers our journey and solidifies our progress to share our stories; the pain and the victories. By submitting your story, you drop a key for others on similar journeys.

Many people use art to help them get through difficult times. Art is a trusted avenue for personal growth. You can share your art here, and add to a growing body of resources for those who are struggling.