The Emotional Rollercoaster- A Recovery Poem

I had two strokes just over two years ago, and am  recovering a day at a time, I have limited use of my left side, leg drop, short term memory, and a wide range of emotions from depression, fear , anxiety, fatigue, etc., but the one thing that I have found  is that  for some reason I have found the word in verses and poems, about mine and other strokies, on our emotional journey, and set up a group, and a blog  that has grown more then I had every dreamed of. I have also found that my words cover  a lot of long term illnesses  and mental health.

I have included one of my poems …


This Emotional Rollercoaster

These emotions are driving me mad,
Happy, depressed and dam right sad,
One moment from the next different again,
Sometimes I wonder if I’m really sane,
Getting me down and leaving me cold,
Never knowing when the next emotion takes hold ,
Wearing me down and draining me,
Is this for me, the life to be,
It’s like a switch I can’t turn off,
Normal people wouldn’t understand, or they would scoff,
It’s ok to say snap out of it,
But please tell me how and which bit
It comes on me like a flood of water,
And changes me totally, my whole being alters,
Fear sets in and drags me down,
Like being trapped under ground,
Taking one step forward and six back
Feeling I’ve fallen down life’s crack,
Never feeling like I fit in
Wishing a calmer life would soon begin,
But then in a breath I’m just ok, ‘
And glad I’ve survived another day ,

Thank  you , take care and be safe  ….

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