Theres NO “D” in PTSD- Hypnosis and Trauma


So that title grabbed you,  at this moment in time your ready to blow a gasket or are rather intrigued in the next few paragraphs, So let me take you on a journey of recovery.

In 1994 I joined the British Army and served in all the places your local travel agent won’t send you to, I served for just under 12 years, I endured explosions, shootings, trauma and tragedy on the way, but at the time all seemed good.

In 2005 I joined a UK police force and served my time as a probationer and eventually decided that I would join the specialist firearms teams, I served on that team for 10 years as Armed Response.

The journey only just starts though, in 2006 whist living in the ideal and peaceful Suffolk, UK countryside, a drunk driver entered my life and changed it forever.

Whilst sat at home a drunk driver crashed into vehicles and walls outside.  My policing head went into overdrive. I ran out into the road and the car was precariously hanging off a wall and the front wheels were in the air and spinning at full speed, the noise was immense as you can imagine.

It became apparent that the young man driving was drunk and was not going to cooperate. At this point to prevent injury to others I decided to help him out of the vehicle, but he didn’t want to, but I did help him.

As I was persuading him through the window with some verbals and physical actions the vehicle was dislodged and fell to the floor, trapping me under the vehicle and dragging me down the road.  I eventually popped out of the front of the vehicle completely confused and trying to figure out what had happened, but it hadn’t finished yet .

The young driver was cornered in a Cul-de-sac and placed the vehicle into drive or first gear, when he hit me again, taking all the way back up the road and dropping me off where it initially started.

I can’t remember much at this point, but I do know something is wrong. I hear a screech of tires and loud bangs, which turn out to be vehicles being hit as he makes his escape.

I remember very little except the ambulance, police officers and a hospital ceiling.

When I came around, it was apparent that my injuries were well and truly substantial, severe injuries to arms, legs, hip and face, you get the idea.

We fast forward to when I started to walk without crutches but there was something wrong, something was misfiring, I was suffering mentally.

Now, this is where a big fat label was dumped onto me… PTSD, yes that a label.

Numbness, weird dreams, fears, anxiety, anger, and a complete emotional “car crash”.  The usual indicators for the label commonly known as PTSD.

Now this is where my life changes, I had no interest in holistic therapies… why would I?! I’m a big strapping ex-soldier and Armed Response Officer in the police force that doesn’t need that hocus pocus rubbish, well that’s what I thought.

Something had to change and change quick, 18 months after the incident Jack Danials and Tramadol pain killers were not the best mixer.

A police officer who I knew introduced me to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and then Hypnotherapy. It changed my life and within one session things were improving! the pressure, anger, hurt and anxiety had gone! This is genuine….. gone!

That pivotal moment in my life and that intrigue in these techniques made me curious to learn more about PTSD, Hypnosis and Mental Health and I went ballistic with it and uncovered the power of the mind.

The accident was in 2006 and by 2015 I have now taught my Hypnosis techniques, PTSD resolution and Stress techniques in over 10 countries. I’m writing a book, have a thriving following with those I teach hypnosis to, and I have 1,000s of clients who I know have changed their lives.

So, back to the title and labels: “There is NO D in PTSD”. Is it no wonder the condition is made worse by labeling it a a disorder, go look at the definition of disorder…it may be a Post Trauma Injury, but its definitely not a DISORDER. The body has been subjected to trauma since the beginning of time … PTSD is a new label… it’s a Post Trauma Injury that CAN be fixed!!!

I hope that my journey has given you some inspiration to look at other methods or support!

Get out there and look for resolution dont just sit there, I know its hard sometimes… I was there!

Read more on my website here on my blog – NO D in PTSD

There is light….

Be safe folks

Karl Smith

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  • John Jo Gill

    Very interesting and by someone who’s been through it all, it was a privilege to have attended your Kinetic Shift training course earlier this year and to have learned a little more. many thanks Karl