This is a REAL MOMMA- Foster Care

hopeHer mother texted me the other day, just to let me know that her daughter still talks about me. Her daughter who was in foster care and who came to me at 9 months old. Her daughter who I had in my home for 2.5 years. Her daughter who called me Momma. Her daughter who called my husband DaDa. Her daughter who SCREAMED bloody murder when she began transitioning home and had to leave us for overnight stays with her mother. Her daughter who continued to cry for her Momma when she was finally reunited with her mother and left our home for good.

This precious little girl got into a fight with a boy over whether or not she was telling the truth about having TWO MOMMAS. Her Mother let her take our photograph in to school the next day to prove that she was right.

This Mother allows her daughter to keep our photograph in her room. This Mother allows her daughter to still talk about us and remember us. This Mother went even further and took the time to tell me this lovely story. THIS is a real Momma.

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